Town Barre

Dance + Pilates + Yoga = Barre

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Welcome to Town Barre, an exciting, new boutique fitness studio, located in the North Shore! Town Barre offers barre, cardio dance and TRX suspension training classes for all ages and fitness levels.

Barre workouts fuse dance, Pilates and yoga to increase strength and flexibility while toning and lengthening muscles. Proper technique makes this workout hard on muscles, while gentle on joints. Classes use small props and body weight as resistance; paired with upbeat music to keep you having fun during the entire kick-ass workout!

Town Barre’s mission is to create an atmosphere where clients feel comfortable and motivated to come in and work their way to a happier and healthier body and mind.

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I am addicted to Michelle’s barre classes! I came into them very concerned, as I have significant back issues and was afraid I would re-injure myself, but after 3 months the opposite is true! My back and core are stronger than they’ve ever been, legs have firmed right up (dropped 2 jeans sizes-yahoo!)..and even my upper back and arms have toned up–a totally unexpected benefit. Michelle is great at explaining the nuances of each move, so that you know you’re doing everything correctly (and she’ll come and gently “fix” it if you’re not!). I can honestly say that thanks in a large part to Michelle’s classes, I’m in some of the best shape of my life at age 54!

Paula Gaull, 54

I love barre class! I had lost a significant amount of weight in the last year and barre class has toned me right up. I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been. I am 54 years old and never in my dreams did I think I could complete a booty barre class, but I can and I love it. Michelle is a great instructor, her enthusiasm and knowledge is on pointe. 

Cheryl Flynn, 54

I love Town Barre! I attended Michelle’s very first class and was immediately hooked. I’ve gone almost every week since then and have really noticed a difference in my strength, flexibly, posture, and my ams and legs look more toned. I’ve taken several fitness classes and Town Barre is my absolute favorite. Michelle is great. Her workouts are fun and energetic. The workouts are challenging which is what you want but they’re not too fast, hard, slow, or easy. Michelle is great at taking the time to make sure everyone’s form is correct so you get the best possible workout. it works your entire body and can be done by anyone regardless or age or fitness level. I highly recommend Town Barre.

Barbara Kaufman, 32